Jonathan Zabrocki:  High-End Real Estate Expert

Master High-End Real Estate




Over $403 million sold in real estate over the last 14 years.  In 2015, he had $876,450 GCI with only 23 homes sold.


Problem Solver

Jonathan’s systems and formulas have proven to sell homes 600% faster than the average realtor and for 5.1% more money.



Jonathan is a best selling author and a founding member and ranked in the top 42 of “The Fellowship of Realty Professionals.”



Jonathan helps real estate agents save time and make more.  His goal is to help agents spend more time with their families and have freedom.


High-End Real Estate Master Turned Lifestyle Real Estate Coach

My two passions are real estate and travel.  I made over $850,000 GCI 14 years straight in real estate working less than 40 hours a week. I love the real estate business – the freedom it brings, the life improvements it creates….. But I got fed up with all of the real estate coaches that have never sold real estate giving bad advice… So I created Profits and Passions Freedom Club which allows me to help more agents build time and money freedom that they can do the things they really love.

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